Todays Menu – Small Businesses using Social Media.

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Online retail community Manta illustrates in a report that Canadian small business owners are really investing time in social media.  However, most of these companies are not seeing a return on investment.

In a survey which included 1,235 small business owners, 55% have vastly increased their social media presence this year and over 55% are using  Facebook as the main place to generate leads.

This is all well and good, but over 60% of these businesses report that they have seen ABSOLUTELY NO return from this investment.

TodaysMenu.Ca owner, Paul Hickey is not surprised at all and says it’s because the small business community’s expectations of social media platforms, and the way they are using the technology is simply never going to add up.

“The problem is that ‘experts’ are telling small businesses that this is the only way to go, online” Paul says, “Their expectations are set up exceptionally high and then when a return does not come in, Small Business owners are told that it’s their product or service that is not interesting to users, not that the whole idea of selling their product on Facebook or Twitter was flawed in the first place.”

Internet consultancy agencies often imply that setting up on Linked In, or Facebook, or Twitter or Instagram is opening up a floodgate of possibilities. “It just wont work,” Paul says. “Social Media can be a great way to interact with your customers but it’s not a lead generator in of itself.  Posting a lot of content to facebook two or three times a day can actually have an adverse effect on your customers.”

In ProTwit’s opinion, socialmedia is a very long term strategy and that can be a costly lesson to learn. “Return on a relationship takes time,” Pual says. “At Todays’ Menu we use social media simply to keep in touch with customers and let them know what is happening when something is new or something is important.  Generating leads from Twitter is not a goal, it’s about providing something useful to support our sales and keep our customers interested.  Eventually we do expect tweets to generate sales, but only after we have built an interested community, that actually wants to hear about our Prepared Meals.”

As in the Matra Survey – the way in which social media is sold to small businesses can create a great deal of discontent. It is only with a realistic view of what you can expect from Twitter, can you then budget your time for it’s use.  Building a business from Meme or Tweet to direct sale may work for an incredibly small number of exciting or unusual products, but it’s not a good strategy for most.

Here at Pro-Twit we recommend mapping out the strategy first.  Social Media supports sales.  It is not the key to open the floodgates.

Thanks to Paul Hickey, who, among other things, provides a ‘meals on wheels‘ option for people to buy nutritious meals for  Elderly Clients in Toronto.

TweetAdder 3.0 is now available!

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Tweetadder is a powerful tool to automate twitter posts, get more followers on twitter and manage several twitter accounts. If you’re not yet using TweetAdder to manage and grow your followers, this is your chance as they’ve just released a new version.

TweetAdder 3.0 is here!

Some great features:

  • Does not run on Twitter API
  • Tweets posted via “Web”, vs posted via “API”
  • Run Multiple Profiles at the same time
  • Follow, Unfollow, Tweet & Message throughout the day in a natural looking way
  • Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

New Features Added

  • Ability to remove profiles with default picture
  • Ability to remove profiles with urls in tweets or biography
  • Twitter List Search imports another users twitter list
  • Huge flexibility with result filters
  • Profile search results maintain how you found them with source keywords
  • Unique Tweet Generator – creates unique tweets automatically
  • RSS Tweets – tweets any RSS feed whether from your blog updates, or any other source
  • @Reply Tweets – post a random tweet @someone who posts a tweet directed @you
  • Re-Tweets- Automatically retweet another user


Coming Soon…ProTwit’s: “Make Money on Twitter Book”

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It’s been over a year coming but the time is nearly upon us, ProTwit the Book!

Stay tuned…

Another day, another rumor about Twitter Monetization

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By Kathy Shaidle

As everyone knows, Twitter is one of those giants of the internet that hasn’t quite been able to turn its incredible popularity into a direct money machine for its founders.

Last week, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone hinted that that might soon change. He cryptically talked about revealing details “later this month” and “soon,” adding that there are “other ways to make money besides advertising.”

Stone added that, “When we develop this monetization platform, it’s not going to just be for us. It will actually extend to all of these apps.”

Hopefully, those apps include the likes of Sponsored Tweets, Tweet Adder and other apps we’ve encouraged you to try here at ProTwit. As we’ve mentioned before, Twitter recently added something called @anywhere, a tool designed to work with third party sites as well.

This would be a great time to get on board with Sponsored Tweets, and all the other off-shoots we’ve told you about. If Twitter is serious about integrating them into the monetization of Twitter, you want to be part of it!

Let’s hope that the company’s money making efforts don’t negatively impact your own, that’s all. We’ll have to wait and see.

It’s cool that Twitter seems friendlier to the many clients and apps that have sprung up in its wake than you’d expect from other big companies.

Who knows? Maybe Biz Stone and company mean they’ll just take Twitter public and personally clean up in the stock market – if such a thing is still possible.

TweetAdder Coupon Code for 20% Off

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TweetBrand: At last, a FREE Twitter app that’s useful and cool

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TweetBrand is a new FREE app from the folks at MarketMeTweet. I just tried it and loved it. Here’s what it does:

You’ve seen thousands of tweets since you first started using Twitter. And I bet you never noticed what the highly reputable folks at MarketMeTweet noticed: that every tweet ends with a bit of text like this:

“[sent] two minutes ago from Twitter”

Or maybe it says “…from TweetDeck” or “…via web.”

As MarketMeTweet asks, why let that little bit of real estate go to waste? That’s where TweetBrand comes in.

You download this free application, follow the directions, and from now on, all your tweets will be “branded.” Instead of ending with “Sun 28 Feb 19:22 via API” or “…via UberTwitter”, it will say “two minutes ago from YourBrand.”

And when someone clicks on that “YourBrand” phrase at the bottom of your tweet, they’ll get taken to the website of your choice, such as your homepage.

MarketMeTweet does NOT recommend using this valuable space to push a cheesy affiliate link, and warns that Twitter will probably penalize you for doing it eventually. So put a lot of thought into the site you want to link to and send traffic to.

If you have a blog, that would be perfect. So would your homepage or online portfolio if you are a consultant or other kind of freelancer.

There are lots of steps you need to take to set up TweetBrand completely. I HIGHLY recommend that you watch the short video tutorial. If you are like me, you skip over those tutorials, but this time, don’t skip it! There are some tricky aspects to singing up to TweetBrand – make sure you follow the steps exactly.

However, once you get set up, TweetBrand does just what it says it will: every tweet you send out from now on will be “branded” just the way you want it.

This can only help you get more traffic, establish your brand and make more money.

However, there is a HUGE drawback: in order for your tweets to carry your new branding link, you MUST send it out through the TweetBrand pop up interface. Your usual Tweets sent by, say, Twitter or TweetDeck will NOT carry the new branding link you just created.

But do try out TweetBrand anyhow. It is free, safe and has great potential. And if you upgrade to the MarketMeTweet application, you get way more features.


Will Google Buzz replace Twitter as a money maker?

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This week, the blogs are “abuzz” about Google Buzz, the search engine giant’s latest attempt to get a piece of the social media action.

Google Buzz “lives” inside Gmail, supposedly to have a ready-made source of contacts to get you started.

I’ve heard Google Buzz described as being a bit like FriendFeed, and that’s pretty accurate. As Tech Crunch put it:

“Buzz is a stream of status updates, pictures, links, and videos from your friends. You can ‘like’ these items and you can comment on them. And if you use Flickr, Picasa, Google Reader, or Twitter, you can also automatically have those items imported into your stream. And Buzz will recommend items you might like based on your friends’ activity.”

Personally, I can’t get into Buzz, any more than I got into Google Wave. When I first got a Wave account, I went on Twitter and asked if anyone could clue me in on what exactly I was supposed to “do” with it.

All the replies I got were from people who were just as confused as I was!

Of course, that’s how I felt about Twitter at first, too. But unlike Twitter, Google Buzz is too busy. There is too much going on. We tend to want our lives made simpler, not more complicated.

Needless to say, there’s no indication of any way you can make money with Google Buzz yet, like you can with Twitter. The thing is too new.

But if you’re interested in making money online, keep an eye on Google Wave and Buzz; if they catch on, you can bet the money making opportunities will crop up.

For now, stick with making money through Twitter – following the advice we give you at ProTwit!

~ Kathy

Win $1000 with Sponsored Tweets

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Sponsored Tweets continues to lead the “Twitter ad network” pack. Besides being a reliable, easy to use and reputable way to make money with Twitter, they always seem to be trying new things.

Now Sponsored Tweets has unveiled a new contest: their “Top Tweeter Challenge.”

Here’s what sets this contest apart: as Sponsored Tweets says on their website, this contest “rewards [Tweeters] based on the quality, not volume of people that they refer.”

However, according to the rules, it still sounds like you win by referring a new person to Sponsored Tweets who has the most followers. So I don’t understand how “quality” overrides “quantity” in this contest.

Anyway, you can win $100 for yourself AND $1000 for the person you refer.

If a Twitter ad network can figure out how to reward “quality over quantity”, it would be a big step towards moving users and advertisers away from just thinking about “how many followers can I get?”

While the number of Twitter followers you have is important, there’s no point gathering thousands of “followers” who are just bots or otherwise not really participating on Twitter.

This “Top Tweeter Challenge” ends on February 28, 2010, and you have to be a U.S. resident. (I have a feeling they will get complaints about that, but believe me, the laws governing these kinds of contests are very strict.)

Check it out at Sponsored Tweets and see what you think!

~ Kathy

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