TweetBrand: At last, a FREE Twitter app that’s useful and cool

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TweetBrand is a new FREE app from the folks at MarketMeTweet. I just tried it and loved it. Here’s what it does:

You’ve seen thousands of tweets since you first started using Twitter. And I bet you never noticed what the highly reputable folks at MarketMeTweet noticed: that every tweet ends with a bit of text like this:

“[sent] two minutes ago from Twitter”

Or maybe it says “…from TweetDeck” or “…via web.”

As MarketMeTweet asks, why let that little bit of real estate go to waste? That’s where TweetBrand comes in.

You download this free application, follow the directions, and from now on, all your tweets will be “branded.” Instead of ending with “Sun 28 Feb 19:22 via API” or “…via UberTwitter”, it will say “two minutes ago from YourBrand.”

And when someone clicks on that “YourBrand” phrase at the bottom of your tweet, they’ll get taken to the website of your choice, such as your homepage.

MarketMeTweet does NOT recommend using this valuable space to push a cheesy affiliate link, and warns that Twitter will probably penalize you for doing it eventually. So put a lot of thought into the site you want to link to and send traffic to.

If you have a blog, that would be perfect. So would your homepage or online portfolio if you are a consultant or other kind of freelancer.

There are lots of steps you need to take to set up TweetBrand completely. I HIGHLY recommend that you watch the short video tutorial. If you are like me, you skip over those tutorials, but this time, don’t skip it! There are some tricky aspects to singing up to TweetBrand – make sure you follow the steps exactly.

However, once you get set up, TweetBrand does just what it says it will: every tweet you send out from now on will be “branded” just the way you want it.

This can only help you get more traffic, establish your brand and make more money.

However, there is a HUGE drawback: in order for your tweets to carry your new branding link, you MUST send it out through the TweetBrand pop up interface. Your usual Tweets sent by, say, Twitter or TweetDeck will NOT carry the new branding link you just created.

But do try out TweetBrand anyhow. It is free, safe and has great potential. And if you upgrade to the MarketMeTweet application, you get way more features.


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