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Sponsored Tweets continues to lead the “Twitter ad network” pack. Besides being a reliable, easy to use and reputable way to make money with Twitter, they always seem to be trying new things.

Now Sponsored Tweets has unveiled a new contest: their “Top Tweeter Challenge.”

Here’s what sets this contest apart: as Sponsored Tweets says on their website, this contest “rewards [Tweeters] based on the quality, not volume of people that they refer.”

However, according to the rules, it still sounds like you win by referring a new person to Sponsored Tweets who has the most followers. So I don’t understand how “quality” overrides “quantity” in this contest.

Anyway, you can win $100 for yourself AND $1000 for the person you refer.

If a Twitter ad network can figure out how to reward “quality over quantity”, it would be a big step towards moving users and advertisers away from just thinking about “how many followers can I get?”

While the number of Twitter followers you have is important, there’s no point gathering thousands of “followers” who are just bots or otherwise not really participating on Twitter.

This “Top Tweeter Challenge” ends on February 28, 2010, and you have to be a U.S. resident. (I have a feeling they will get complaints about that, but believe me, the laws governing these kinds of contests are very strict.)

Check it out at Sponsored Tweets and see what you think!

~ Kathy

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